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I am a researcher in artificial intelligence and computational intelligence, particularly evolutionary design, AI and CI in games, sequence modeling, and artificial evolution. I am currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Edith Cowan University, in Perth, Western Australia.
In November 2012, this new book on believable bots will be available.
The idea that we humans would one day share the Earth with a rival intelligence is as old as science fiction. That day is speeding towards us. Our rivals (or will they be our companions?) will not come from another galaxy, but out of our own strivings and imaginings. The bots are coming; chatbots, robots, gamebots.
Will we welcome them, when they come? Will bots have human friends? Will we grant them rights?
The stories in this book will start the reader thinking --- they might not provide the answers --- but it is a great place to start.
I am the organizer of the BotPrize Contest, a Turing Test for bots, with a cash prize from sponsors 2K Games. Find out about it here.
I am one of the editors of this book about how things can be designed using simulated evolution. Here is the book's web page. Evolution is Nature's design process. With increasing computational power, we are now able to simulate this process with greater fidelity, combining complex simulations with high-performance evolutionary algorithms to tackle problems that used to be impractical. This book showcases the state of the art.
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